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Siniscola is located a few kilometers away from the eastern Sardinian coast, at the foot of Monte Albo. It is the second largest inhabited zone of Nuoro Province and the main urban centre of Baronia. It is set between the sea and the mountains and the landscape smoothly goes from beautiful white sand beaches to rolling hills and limestone cliffs of Monte Albo. The numerous caves in the surrounding mountains of Monte Albo and Monte Latu make it a captivating area for anyone interested in geology and archeology.

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Vìvì bed and breakfast VìVì is located between the sea and a mountain chain called Montalbo, in the countryside surrounding Siniscola, the largest town in Baronia, where you will find all the services you’ll need for a perfect holiday. VìVì is a modern villa immersed in the countryside, close to the most beautiful beaches and famous attractions of Eastern Sardinia. The beaches of La Caletta, Santa Lucia, Capo Comino and Berchidda, easily reachable from the house, offer all the services you need to enjoy your holiday : sunbeds, parasols, canoes, surf, paddle boards etc… the beach restaurants are open all day and provide high quality food, and you will even be able to enjoy a fresh fish dinner right on the beach. In La Calette and Posada you can moor at the harbor if you have a boat, but you can also take sailing lessons from the yacht club. There are also scooters, cars, bikes and boats for rent, as well as the complete equipment if you want to go scuba-diving. A day trip not to miss is the visit to the maritime park of Tavolara, and the breathtaking beaches of the Orosei Guf (Cala Luna, Grotta del bue marino…) If fishing is your passion, or if you want to try it for the first time, there is a wide choice of schools, excursions, deep sea fishing experiences etc to do! The wind, which is a blessing on a hot sunny day, makes the area the ideal place for whoever wants to practice sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. La Calette kitesurfing school is worth a look! ( )


The mountain is located a few kilometers away from VìVì. It is a karstic mount with high naturalistic interest, typical from the Mediterranean area, with endemic fauna and flora. There you will find several rural chapels which come back to life for a day or two during their saint patron celebrations. The whole region flows then to the chapel and local people wear the traditional costume which is well worth seeing. To explore Montalbo it is always better to get a local guide, ( he will guarantee your safety and security, and will help you understand the area better. You will have the choice between walking, horse-riding, cycling or even getting onboard the little train which will take you through lush forests up to a clearing where shepherds will welcome you with a delicious lunch. You will get to discover their daily life and their traditional house, the “piannetto”, a circular stone building covered with a conic-shaped thatched roof. The most daring of you might opt for a helicopter or hand-glider tour, they say the views from up there are spectacular!

Tepilora Park

It is a large area set between the sea and the mountains, which has recently been inscribed to the UNESCO heritage due to its endemic species. It contains a wetland you can explore either by foot or canoe, and is a paradise for birdwatchers!


Nuoro, Oliena, Orgosolo and Mamoiada are the most typical cities of Barbagia, the most authentic and rustic region in Sardinia, and are located a few kilometres away from VìVì. The local crafts are worldly famous and you will undoubtedly find some souvenir to take back home! Rugs (arazzi in Sardinian language), ceramics, filigree jewelry are real works of art, and the stunning masks made of cork or wood are simply astonishing. Olbia and the Costa Smeralda, just like San Teodoro and Gallura are part of the most famous and exclusive Sardinia. Not far from VìVì, you will find there a more luxurious lifestyle, with top of the range shops, nightclubs and bars which have contributed to the Sardinian notoriety all over the world.


GAstronomy holds a great part of the traditions to experiment while in Sardinia and the food all over the island is really unique and worth trying. Siniscola also has many different dishes to offer, among which the “Siniscola Soup”, made with bread, tomato sauce and sheep stew, usually served on a feast day. You can also taste the “ Maccherone de Busa”, a type of handmade macaroni, or the “Maccaroni de Punzu” (small gnocchi) both prepared with a pork stew. Whoever comes to Sardinia has to try the famous “Su Porcheddu”, a roasted suckling pig, or the sheep or wild boar stew, and all sorts of different meat dishes, usually served with local cheeses which have made the reputation of the island. Fresh fruit and vegetables also hold an important part in the local gastronomy as well as a wide choice of pastries made of honey, almond, and citrus fruits of all sorts. Last but not least, you cannot miss the “royal dessert”, made with Pompia, a unique and endemic citrus fruit you can only find in the Siniscola area. This is well worth a detour just to taste it! Let’s not forget about the wine, Sardinia being one of the most famous Italian regions for winemaking. A bottle of Cannonau (Grenache) or Vermentino (white wine) will always be on the table! And of course whoever knows Italy will wonder what kind of digestive Sardinia has to offer… and they won’t be disappointed: the local Grappa (filo e ferru) or the myrtle or Pompia liquor will surely end your well-deserved meal!